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My Journey: Expanding a Subscription-Based IoT Service Across Borders


Embarking on the ambitious journey of expanding a subscription-based IoT service from Europe to the US, I founded a consulting firm to assist foreign companies in navigating the complexities of the American market. In this blog post, I share my personal experiences, highlighting key milestones, and emphasizing the power of continuous learning, leveraging my network, and extensive research in achieving remarkable success.

  1. Strategic Partnership and Market Penetration:

At the heart of our triumph was the strategic partnership I forged with a young and ambitious European company. Collaborating effectively, we launched the subscription-based IoT service in the highly competitive US market, establishing a strong presence and captivating a new customer base in the transportation industry.

  1. Proactive Market Analysis and Compliance:

To navigate regulatory challenges seamlessly, I embraced a proactive approach by conducting thorough market-based SWOT analyses. By identifying and mitigating potential regulatory issues, we ensured smooth operations and compliance, instilling trust and confidence in our clients and stakeholders.

  1. Targeted Influencer Strategy:

Recognizing the influence of industry leaders, I developed a focused strategy to engage key influencers. Within an incredibly short timeframe of just three months, I secured a partnership with the main industry influencer in the US transportation services sector. This achievement solidified our reputation and opened doors to further growth opportunities.

  1. High-Impact Marketing Initiatives:

Our consulting firm thrived by orchestrating a press conference during a prestigious industry conference in Las Vegas. Leveraging our first customer’s keynote, we generated widespread media coverage and successfully deployed thousands of devices across the US market. This not only accelerated product traction but also established our strong presence within the industry.

  1. Operational Excellence and Customer Service:

Striving for exceptional customer service, I engineered a robust quality control system that minimized support call volume, optimizing operational efficiency. By effectively communicating and translating technical jargon into practical business language, I fostered strong relationships with customers and third-party software providers.

  1. Continuous Learning and Leveraging Networks:

In the face of evolving challenges, I embraced the opportunity to learn and become adept at new areas by leveraging my network. Through connections, I acquired valuable insights, advice, and expertise, enabling me to tackle various topics effectively and become a knowledgeable resource for our clients.

  1. Researching the Unknown:

Expanding into new territories often meant delving into unfamiliar subjects. To overcome this, I dedicated significant time and effort to research. By diving deep into relevant topics, I developed a solid understanding and expertise, enabling me to provide informed guidance and deliver valuable solutions to our clients.

  1. Crisis Management and Adaptability:

Navigating major outages with cell carriers demanded quick thinking and adaptability. I effectively managed and resolved these disruptions, minimizing downtime, and ensuring uninterrupted customer operations. These experiences reinforced our firm’s resilience and ability to handle challenging situations.

  1. International Expansion and Collaboration:

Recognizing the potential for international growth, I cultivated a key relationship with a Japanese industry leader. Building a solid rapport with him and his team, I positioned our company for potential future contracts, demonstrating our commitment to expanding our services globally.

  1. Technology Roadmap Planning and Expert Guidance:

Partnering with a well-known transportation startup in the Bay Area, I provided expert guidance on technology roadmap planning. By staying at the forefront of industry trends and leveraging my research and network, I enhanced the practicality and competitiveness of their product solution, strengthening our partnership.


My journey of founding and growing a consulting firm to expand a subscription-based IoT service across borders has been an incredible learning experience. By continuously acquiring knowledge, leveraging my network, and conducting thorough research, I navigated challenges, developed expertise, and provided exceptional value to our clients. These accomplishments underscore the importance of adaptability, collaboration, and a commitment to learning in achieving success in a rapidly evolving business landscape.

Author’s Note: Blog post written in “collaboration” with ChatGPT

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